Nubia Red Magic Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle (Special Import)

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  • Transparent design see the power: Transparent body with a 100-key compact design. Durable and non-greasy anti-gravity PBT keycap with contrasting color tones.
  • TTC Speed Silver V2 Switch-Born for gaming: TTC speed silver V2 switch delivers anti-mistouch control for increased precision. It lets you deal with the ever-changing demands of the game so you can advance to victory.
  • Gasket Structure-Designed for Gentle Keystrokes: The sound-absorbing design cushions the sound of every click to deliver smooth, silent keystrokes and an overall satisfying experience.
  • Hot-swappable Keys Full Customization: Supports hot-swapping of a single or 5-pin switch. Compatible with most switches on the market allowing you to personalize the keyboard to your taste.
  • REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control Screen Custom Smart Experience: A built-in 1.47-inch screen display system parameters and the Mora wallpaper in real time, and an adjustable knob that lets you quickly and conveniently control system parameters. Customize the screen with your favorite pictures, or use the knob to complete simple operations.
  • Tri-mode Connectivity Full Scene Coverage: Connect using wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth, a wired connection, or all three. Select your mode at will to suit different scenarios.
  • Built-in 4000mAh Battery Long-Lasting Battery Life: Lasts about 28 hours with the light on, and 200 hours with the light off.
  • Colorful RGB Backlight Effect Authentic Gaming Atmosphere: 16.8 million colors grant you 10 different light modes that are adjusted using the REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control System letting you create an exclusive and unique gaming environment.
  • REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control Software Driver: Lets you adjust the screen, change light effects, and control multiple settings that allow you personalize and customize your gaming experience.
  • Dual Compatibility with Mac and Windows: Compatible with Mac and Windows for a convenient switch between work and play. Press FN+A to switch to Mac and FN+W to access Windows.
  • ixArt PAW3395 sensor: Equipped with the original PixArt PAW3395 sensor that peaks at DPI 26000, the delay is as low as 1ms and it has a 1000 Hz response rate. Lock in the strike your target in one swift move.
  • GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switch: The left and right button utilize Kailh Black Mamba micro switches that are comfortable to press. They have a strong rebound, and a lifespan of 80 million clicks.
  • REDMAGIC Cloud Smart Control and Macro Programming Custom Adjustment Button Operation: Lets you conveniently adjust settings and customize various key combinations, allowing you to conquer opponents and edge to victory with plenty of unexpected moves.
  • Tri-mode Connectivity: The wireless mouse utilizes the original Nordic chip which provides minimized delays, reduced power consumption, and greater stability. Connect using wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth, or a wired connection, Select your mode at will to suit different scenarios.
  • 75g Lightweight Design: The mouse weighs no more than 75 grams making it sensitive to delicate movement, gearing you up for an easy win. It also reduces straining on your hands in the long run


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