What is a Lay-by?

A lay-by is a payment option that allows you to pay for an item in monthly instalments within an agreed timeframe. We import your device once paid in full.


How It Works




Terms & Conditions

  • Lay-by deposit is a 30% non-refundable deposit
  • The non-refundable deposit is to ensure placement of device to cover for if the client wishes to cancel the order within the agreement time frame
  • The agreement expires on date of final payment or 3 months after commencement, whichever comes first.
  • Lay-by goods shall remain the property of Tech Warehouse until the final payment is made.
  • This agreement requires regular monthly payments.
  • This agreement may be terminated by the purchaser at any time prior to the expiry date, whereby Tech Warehouse will refund the money already paid minus the 30% non-refundable deposit
  • Once the final payment is received import of the device will commence, imports take 10-14 working days import and delivery
  • You will be sent a monthly updated invoice of payment
  • You will be sent regular updates on the process of your order